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A Walk of Doubt; To a Run of Belief – 3 Videos

Luke’s final chapter features the couple on the road to Emmaus. Who were they and why did the risen Jesus spend so much of his first day of immortal life walking patiently with this dejected pair? This series is full of fascinating details that show there is more to the story than first appears.

A Christadelphian Video: What did the women who had followed Jesus find at the tomb and why did the male disciples disbelieve what the women reported to them? This is exciting and compulsive viewing, as the risen Jesus appears in turn to so many on that wonderful day.

Why did the pair dispute loudly on their journey to Emmaus and why did they not recognise Jesus, who expounded to them all that the scriptures said of him, before making himself known? We must know those scriptures and be fully prepared for our own encounter with the Lord.

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