Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord.

Bro. Kitson Reid (UK):          The Hand of God in our lives

#1: In Signs, Wonders and Judgments – Bro. Kitson Reid

#2: In the Declaration of his Name – Bro. Kitson Reid

#3: Through the Sounding of the Trumpet – Bro. Kitson Reid


#4: In Strength and Weakness – Bro. Kitson Reid


#5: A People Prepared – Bro. Kitson Reid  

Bro. Mark Carr (Can):  The man Elijah

#1: Neither Dew nor Rain – Bro. Mark Carr

#2: Feed my Sheep – Bro. Mark Carr

#3: Exodus from Carmel – Bro. Mark Carr

#4: A Still small Voice – Bro. Mark Carr  

#5: The Net was Not Broken – Bro. Mark Carr

#6: A Hard Thing – Bro. Mark Carr


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