Bible Stories for Children: The Centurion’s Servant

Teaching our young children about the God of the Bible is a very rewarding and profitable thing to do. It instills in them a sense of awe and wonder that there is a plan and purpose to life. Why not spend some time with your child around the word of God and see them develop with an increasing unique perspective on a life centered around God’s precepts, not man’s. This is a collection of short videos to assist all those involved with the education of children in Bible Matters. These videos stories may help Sunday School teachers in classes or just used in evening time stories at home – children will love these short videos and we hope to add to the collection on a regular basis. Moving forward we hope to include both male and female narrators in the collection, and if you are aware of any other stories written by Christadelphians that we could use to produce videos please get in touch. ([email protected])

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Bible Stories for Children…

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