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Brexit Miracle & The Rise of European Babylon!

This class was given on the day of ‘Brexit’ and outlines the wonderful miracle of prophecy happening now right in front of our eyes. In 1848, John Thomas ( a Christadelphian) wrote, commenting on the position of the uk at the time of the end as revealed in scripture ” Europe…as a united dominion…..Britain cannot be included among them” A wonderful vindication of the faith shown by him and others since, like Paul Billington, Graham Pearce and in more recent times, Jonathan Bowen, Bernard Burt, Don Pearce and Matt Davies and many others too numerous to include here… At long last, despite the scoffers, this has been realised and Friday 31st January 2020 saw the Uk leave the EU and separate itself from the ‘Beast’. Britain has a role to play in the outworking of God’s plan both now and in the near future – these truths must excite and help us to prepare for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to the Earth. This video highlights the long-held Christadelphian position and details some of the fascinating events that led up to Britain Leaving Europe!

Watch in Full HD below – Click Image to play…

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