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Come into the Ark: Rugby Christadelphian Choir

During lockdown in 2020/21, it has and is, difficult for everyone. The ecclesia at Rugby have been busy producing some audio tracks to help keep spirits up and fellowship a constant, We hope you enjoy this selection of music as much as we enjoyed making it.

At The beginning of Lockdown last year (2020) the exhorting brother spoke on Noah, he talked about the safety that we can find in our ‘nests’, a lesson which has once again become very pertinent as we’ve gone back into lockdown. We know from Matthew 24, that our days are as the days of Noah and as the song says, ‘the day so longed for is almost here’. We also know from 1 Peter that the ark was a like figure, whereunto we too can be saved by water through the atoning work of our Lord Jesus Christ.

And so with those thoughts in mind, we make our earnest plea to a world that erupts in storm, come into the ark.

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