How to be ready for the End of the World!

A Christadelphian Video: Jesus spoke to his disciples about the End of the World in the Bible. It is the great day of judgment – the day of reckoning when he will judge the world in righteousness, separating the sheep from the goats. Contrary to the ideas of some, the world will not be destroyed, even though it will go through a time of great trouble. Instead, Jesus is going to introduce dramatic changes that will bring incredible peace, justice and prosperity to every corner of the world. Men’s hearts will be changed, and all will serve Jesus Christ as king of the new world order. All will come to love God, and worship Him truly and sincerely. But any who choose not to accept this new order will be severely dealt with. There are many signs we are living in the last days before the return of Jesus to bring about this amazing Kingdom of God. We all need to be ready in our hearts and minds, committed to being true disciples as we wait patiently for his appearing. Description: This video shows how man faces unsolvable problems in this present world, and how the Bible prophesied such a time. Ken explains what we must do to be prepared for the end of the present world system and the Day of Judgment, if we want to live forever in God’s kingdom on earth.

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