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Kingdom Conference Bible School 2020: Wednesday 15th July

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Wednesday 15th:

7.30 – Daily Readings: 1 Samuel 29-30; Jeremiah 5; Matthew 16
12.00 – Devotion: ‘We..do not cease to pray for you’

2.00 – 3.00 – Discussion groups for young people (~16-30 year olds)

5.00 – Distinctions of a Kingdom Citizen – Brother Bryan Styles (Canada)

Developing the character of Christ is key if we want to become citizens of his kingdom.  Yet where should we turn to better understand what exactly this means and what it is that he requires?  It can be a real challenge to even know where to start.  However, our Lord provides for us a summary of what a citizen of his kingdom looks like in real and practical terms through his words in Matthew 5-7.

Our goal in this class will be to sharpen our understanding of what our Lord expects of us.  In so doing, we’ll endeavor to find meaningful ways to transform now so that we might be a citizen of his future kingdom for eternity.

8.00 – David’s taste of the Kingdom – Brother John Owen (UK)

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