19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Lockdown Bible Weekend 2020 ‘Sunday’ 13th Dec DV

15:30 Kitson Reid, Acocks Green, UK (9-14s): Walking With Kings – Rehoboam
Young people catchup afterwards*
16:45 Kitson Reid: 10 mins for under 9’s on same subject as above – followed by activity at home **
18:00 Kevin Hole, Burton on Trent, UK (14 plus): How the Brazen Serpent Teaches Why Jesus Had to Die
Please note this session will be on a different Zoom meeting ID: 856 6807 5174 (no password required)
19:30 Uncle Kitson’s Bedtime story for under 9’s
20:00 Steve Jones, Nottingham (Forest Road), UK: “The Vision of the Prophetess Anna”

Put the kettle on and join a breakout chat afterwards – then it’s time to say goodbye!

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