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David, in his lifetime, had four periods in which he could have felt very much alone, but there are psalms that came out of those experiences, showing us his reliance on God. In times of isolation, We need to keep in touch with the Father’s vision. Psalm 23 is particularly helpful.

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Four young men, isolated as exiles in Babylon for retraining in a foreign culture, were able to hold fast to their trust in God and keep themselves separate. Daniel is a book for us, for keeping separate in our time, and for trusting that the Kingdom of Men will end with the coming of the Kingdom of God.

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Paul the prisoner, locked down for two years in Rome, stayed connected to the ecclesias, writing letters to help and encourage them. In Philippians, he made special mention of the elders. In times of isolation, ecclesias need good, selfless leadership and support from members.

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