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Mississauga Prophecy Day Studies (The unfolding events of 2020)

Bro John examines the evidence in light of current events and clear scriptural teaching.
This event was a live broadcast on Sat 11th April as part of a prophecy day Due to take place
Bro Pete considers the evidence showing that the fate of Europe has been prophecies – both fascinating subjects on their own, but together they make a superb Prophecy day event – thanks to all involved for making this happen and praise to our God that even in this time of social restriction we can come together and be edified and encouraged.
Study 1: Could Jesus return in 2020? (John Owen)
Hymn: 284
Reading: 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11
Study 2: The future of Europe (Peter Owen)
Hymn 272
Reading: Daniel 2:31-44


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