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Reasoning from the scriptures! @19.30pm gmt

Reasoning from the scriptures by Allegory, Type, Similitude and Parable, as our pioneering Brethren did’ – given in a relaxed atmosphere in a home environment the scriptures are commented upon and much edification offered.

Due to the Rugby worldwide Prophecy Day


the Next class is on Saturday the  of 6th March

Speaker: Garth Maier
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Reasoning From The Scriptures by Allegory and Type’ #1 ‘Expounding the Law, Prophets and Psalms’

If you want to know what God is teaching in His Word, then you must learn to reason out of the Hebrew scriptures. Jesus and the apostles did this, and so did early Christadelphian expositors. Bible history is not only true, but it is also enacted parables that capture our interest and enlighten us. YOu can find the next video in this series here….https://bibletruthandprophecy.com/reasoning-from-the-scriptures/

Reasoning by Allegory and Type Class 01

Reasoning From The Scriptures by Allegory and Type’ #2 ‘Parables reveal and conceal’

A Christadelphian Video: Description: For all who humbly seek the truth of God’s word will find it revealed, by understanding the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ. The pioneer brethren through diligent search revived and shared God’s message. What a blessing that the Bible is readily available and interprets itself.

Reasoning by Allegory and Type class #2 

Reasoning From The Scriptures by Allegory and Type’ #3 ‘Signs, Shadows and Typical Applications’

A Christadelphian Video: Description: God manifestation has a simple explanation. God, reaching out through signs, shadows and types in his word, reveals his mind (thoughts) which need to be absorbed, pondered and outworked in a believer’s life.

Reasoning by Allegory and Type class #3

Reasoning from the scriptures by Allegory and Type #4 ‘Bible chronology. to the Jew First, Then the Gentiles’

There is a principle which helps when seeking to understand a Scriptural presentation. ‘First the natural, then the spiritual’. This stands true in all cases. If the kingdom of God is omitted and only the name of Jesus Christ is preached, the gospel is not proclaimed.

Reasoning by Allegory and Type class #4 

During these studies a Bible dictionary will be mentioned, that the speaker has compiled to help understand this subject.  The first half of the booklet lays out the foundations to Types and Parables, and the second half has a A-Z dictionary of Similitudes to help reveal and understand Type and Allegory in the scriptures as we read, study and meditate upon them

[embeddoc url=”https://bibletruthandprophecy.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Bible-Dictionary-of-Similitudes.pdf”]


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