With all the turmoil in the world, protests have broken out in many countries. The cause may seem valid, the hurt is real, but what should be the response of the disciple of Christ? Let’s be clear; this is not a talk on Racism; this is a discussion on protest and the disciple’s responsibility to his Lord. During this class, we look at the roots of democratic protest, examining the founding principles of democracy. We look at God’s views on man’s philosophies. We consider the outcomes of democratic decisions in the Bible. We then look at Biblical “frog spirit” prophecies that predicted worldwide revolution. We follow the French Revolution, the Communist Revolution, and similar revolutions born of social protest and see their outcomes. The discussion then turns to protest against the government. We review the New Testament instructions regarding the disciple and the state and look at the wisdom of the Psalms and Proverbs. We consider the way protest has been historically manipulated and hijacked by sinister forces looking to push their agenda on the world. Finally, we consider the mission of the disciple, and where Christ instructs to focus our time and effort.

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