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The Good News of God – An Overview of Romans – 3 Videos

The Good News of God – An Overview of Romans – Brother Paul Styles (Ann Arbor)

Held by the Milford Rd Christadelphians 31.10.20

Class 1 Justified Freely by His Grace (Romans 1)

A Christadelphian Video: 1. God’s creation and revelation leaves the human race without excuse. All have sinned and deserve God’s judgment. Yet the just shall live by faith in the righteousness and grace of God, and the redemption provided through His Son.


Class 2 Faith is Accounted for Righteousness (Romans 4)

Abraham was justified because he believed the promises of God, who can bring the dead to life. While we were sinners, God sent His Son, whose death reconciled us to God, enabling the forgiveness of our sins.


Class 3 God’s Election (Romans 9)

3. Set free from indwelling sin, we must be guided by God. He has chosen to give special attention to the people who respond to His mercy, working in their lives to prepare them for immortality in the future Kingdom of God.

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