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The Trinity Explained in under 10 minutes!

Superstition on this subject dictates that Christ pre-existed before his birth, the Bible, however, informs us quite concisely of his lineage, as a promised son prophesied of throughout the old testament. This false doctrine is strongly linked to that of the trinity, despite numerous verses opposing this view, for example, the fact that Jesus constantly prayed to his father eg. Matt. 26:39 this confusing belief is still strongly held.

Many verses that are used to back up this false belief go contrary to nature itself, and often use verses taken out of context, Wrested Scriptures is again in invaluable resource to look at specific verses, especially worth a read as believers in the existence of Christ will quote verses in a way that you may not have considered if you have not been exposed to this way of thinking, often quite contrary to what the text actually says.

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