WOW! MUST SEE!! The March of the Rainbowed Angel – Revelation 10

[07:09, 19/08/2020] Bro Pete Owen: The March of The Rainbowed Angel. The speaker examines the movements of the saints from Sinai with those of the King of the North. Consider what the Bible says about the Jewish population at the time. We consider the scriptures concerning those Jews who are taken captive, the ones who flee to Moab and Saudi Arabia, and those who remain in the City. Following this, we examine the scriptural evidence of the intervention of the Lord Jesus Christ as he begins his march, first to Arabia, then to Egypt, securing his flanks. From here, he marches up to Bozrah, where the Great Sacrifice of Yahweh is. Then following the route of Joshua, he goes up to the Land and ends by putting his feet upon the Mount of Olives. At this point, Israel recognizes their Messiah, and the Kingdom Age commences. Come with us on this exciting journey through the Bible – one we hope to complete in-person shortly!

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